Industrial Process Water Chillers from Parker Zander

Industrial process water chillers from Parker Zander

The optimization of production processes is an absolute priority in modern industry. The utilization of chilled water is a significant aid in this optimization process.

The use of a closed cooling circuit, where water is alternately heated by the process and chilled by a cooling system, is the best way to prevent waste of valuable water and the problems related to the drainage of impure water.

Closed circuit water cooling systems can be divided into two main categories: chillers which utilize a refrigeration circuit (ie. process water chillers), and those which use ambient air to cool the water (a dry fluid cooler is undoubtedly the most common example of this second category).

The use of either one or both of the aforementioned systems provides both an effective and an economical solution to all the problems linked with water cooling.

Parker Zander’s Hyperchill Process Water Chiller range, designed specifically for industry, offers ease of use and peace of mind thanks to the implementation of the most modern technological solutions and the availability of an extensive range of versions and accessories.

In addition to Hyperchill Process Water Chillers, we also offer dry fluid coolers which can be used either independently or in combination with Hyperchill Process Water Chillers and heat exchangers. Our range of fluid coolers is a simple but effective solution to the most common problems typically found with water usage. Our heat exchanger offering includes designs for compressed gas, chilled water and process fluids.

Hyperchill water chillers from Parker Zander


Compliant scroll compressors, an evaporator integrated within the water tank and an advanced microprocessor controller further ensure that Hyperchill Process Water Chillers are the perfect solution for every chilled water need. Hyperchill Process Water Chillers are available with either air-cooled configuration (with axial or centrifugal fans) or with water-cooled configuration.

Hyperchill Medical water chillers from Parker Zander

Hyperchill Medical

Hyperchill Medical Chillers combine advanced design solutions, such as energy saving scroll compressors and a sophisticated microprocessor in a complete turnkey process cooling solution to meet the specific needs of medical equipment users. These include Hyperchill’s extreme flexibility toward the varied working conditions typically found in medical cooling applications.

Hyperchill Laser water chillers from Parker Zander

Hyperchill Laser

Parker Zander produces a line of Hyperchill industrial process water chillers specifically designed for use with non-ferrous laser equipment.

Hyperchill-TS water chillers from Parker Zander


Parker Hyperchill-TS Thermal Spray Process Water Chillers provide the perfect solution for removal of heat during thermal spray applications. As the cost of water increases and conservation plans continue to be implemented, the use of a closed loop process chiller becomes the most economical and energy efficient choice.

Hyperchill Max water chillers from Parker Zander

Hyperchill Max

The main features of all models of the Hyperchill MAX Process Water Chiller range are an extremely compact design, a microprocessor control for the management of all unit functions and semi-hermetic high efficiency screw compressors.