Refrigerated Air Dryers from Parker Zander

Ecostar refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander


The Zander Ecostar Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (1250 - 3000 scfm) configuration combines the advantages of superior performance and energy savings with the oil removal efficiency of a built-in, multi-stage separator/cold coalescer.

Ecostar TM refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander

Ecostar TM

Costly contamination problems can be avoided by installing an ecostar Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer package complete with Parker Zander Microfilter filtration.

Ecostar VO refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander

Ecostar VO

Parker Zander Ecostar Variable Operation Refrigerated Air Dryers offer the most advanced dryer technology available today. By utilizing a patented refrigeration system with variable speed controls, the ecostar Variable Operation Refrigerated Air Dryer provides you with the highest level of air quality and smooth operation to ensure excellence in user processes.

Arcticstar Plus refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander

Arcticstar Plus

The Zander Arcticstar Plus Refrigerated Air Dryer has a PlusPack heat exchanger that offers minimal pressure drops and class-leading performance, significantly increasing the efficiency of the whole compressed air treatment process.

PRD Series refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander

PRD Series

Zander PRD Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers guarantee continuous performance and superior efficiency in every type of situation. They can easily be adapted to all working conditions, maintaining impeccable dewpoint control at the lowest possible operating conditions.

ZDHHT refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander


The Zander ZDHHT High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer eliminates the need for a separate aftercooler, moisture separator and particulate filter. It is ideal for body shops, paint booths or wherever a high inlet air temperature dryer is required.

ZNC Series refrigerated air dryers from Parker Zander

ZNC Series

The Parker Zander ZNC Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryer Range offers you energy savings, clean dry air, reliability and a standard GL Series High Efficiency Pre-Filter in one complete package.

  What is refrigeration drying?

The use of refrigeration drying for compressed air treatment is tested and proven for many industrial applications. Dewpoints of 35°F (1.7°C) to 50°F (10°C) are suitable for many indoor applications where a general removal of bulk water and some vapor is sufficient for the end user’s process.

Refrigerated air dryers can be used at low pressures as well as high pressures and use no processed compressed air during the air treatment. Proper sizing factors must be used to determine the correct size of dryer for the application based on actual (or "worst case") flow, operating temperature and operating pressure.

Energy prices are a rising concern and a major cost to manufacturing facilities. Refrigerated air dryers have undergone many improvements to make them more energy-efficient without sacrificing the quality of the air provided. Refrigerated air dryers use a set of heat exchangers (or a single heat exchanger with chambers) first to pre-cool the air; second, to refrigerate the air to condense out moisture vapor; and last, to re-heat the air to prevent pipe sweating downstream.

There are two main types of refrigerated air dryers:

Direct Expansion Dryers are a type of dryer where the compressed air and the refrigerant come into direct contact via the heat exchanger. While reliable and simple to use, they generally require that the unit continue to run regardless of actual compressed air flow through the dryer.

Cycling Dryers utilize a thermal mass as the means to absorb the heat from the compressed air. By chilling a thermal mass, a refrigerant compressor may turn off in times of low demand thereby saving energy by shutting off the refrigerant compressor. There is, however, an additional heat transfer (the thermal mass), so a small amount of additional cost may or may not offset the amount of money saved by shutting off the compressor.