LV Series

Parker Zander Silicone-Free Filters

LV Series silicone-free filters from Parker Zander


Compressed air, although safe, powerful and reliable, will contain unwanted contamination in the form of dirt, water and degraded lubricating oil. These contaminants mix together to form an acidic, abrasive sludge even when oil-free compressors are used.

A high quality finish is essential, especially in the Automotive Industry, where blisters, craters and loss of adhesion are the common signs of system contamination. These problems result in costly product spoilage, expensive re-work and loss of valuable production.

Working closely for many years with automotive manufacturers and the producers of water- and solvent-based paints, Parker Zander understands the industry and its special needs. Ordinary filters may clean compressed air but can release silicone into the compressed air stream from lubricants, cleaning agents, ’o’-rings or other component parts. Silicone is recognized as the worst possible contaminant in paint spraying applications.

Parker Zander assembles Microfilter LV Series Silicone-Free Filters in a silicone-free atmosphere and manufacturing area using only certified silicone-free components.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed to be silicone-free.
  • Designed to match the exacting requirements of the Automotive industry.
  • Remove dirt, water and oil to the highest ISO 8573.1 industry standard.
  • Independently tested.