Hyperchill Max

Parker Zander Industrial Process Water Chillers

Hyperchill Max industrial process water chiller from Parker Zander


  • Solid and compact design.
  • Semi-hermetic screw compressors with 4-step hydraulic slide valve capacity control.
  • High operational efficiency.
  • Extensive range of accessories.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant - R407C.
  • Preventative maintenance agreements available.
  • Worldwide product support.

For the requests of high capacity industrial cooling, centralized production processes and industrial chilling, Parker has developed a new range of process water chillers with cooling capacities of up to 760 kW.

The main features of all models of the Hyperchill MAX Process Water Chiller range are an extremely compact design, a microprocessor control for the management of all unit functions and semi-hermetic high efficiency screw compressors.

The accurate design, the choice of high quality components and the testing procedures used in the manufacturing of these models give clear advantages to the end user. Easy installation, reliable operation and low energy consumption are the features that make them particularly suitable for large capacity industrial applications, which are more and more frequent in many plants.

The air-cooled models of Hyperchill MAX Process Water Chillers are suitable for outdoor installation, with protection class IP54 and feature high efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressors; shell & tube evaporators with high efficiency thermal exchange; air-cooled condenser with copper pipes and turbulence aluminum fans; and axial fans with high aerodynamic efficiency.

Hyperchill MAX Process Water Chillers feature a microprocessor controller which, combined with an extensive range of accessories, optimizes all operational and controlling functions in all working conditions.