Filtration from Parker Zander

Filtration from Parker Zander

For applications that require varying degrees of cleanliness for your compressed air, gas, or sterilizing steam, Parker Zander has you covered. Filters, water separators, and mist eliminators can be placed before and after critical components of your system to protect downstream equipment and ensure the final product meets your exact requirements.

D Series industrial and culinary steam filter elements from Parker Zander

D Series

Parker Zander D Series industrial and culinary steam filter elements consist of porously sintered stainless steel that ensures the effective separation of particles.

Ecomist mist eliminators from Parker Zander


Parker Zander ecomist Mist Eliminators are specifically designed to optimize oil removal while ensuring extremely low pressure drop and long service life.

GL Series high efficiency compressed air filters from Parker Zander

GL Series

The Parker Zander GL Series represents a new generation in compressed air filter housings and elements, providing top performance and high efficiency.

HB Series validated sterile air/gas filter cartridges from Parker Zander

HB Series

Parker Zander specially developed the HB Series Filter Element with an absolute retention rate of 0.01 micron in gas and compressed air.

HS and DPL Series high capacity industrial and culinary steam filter elements from Parker Zander

HS and DPL Series

Parker Zander HS and DPL Steam Filter Element Series are manufactured from micro porous sintered fibers with a diameter of 2 to 40 microns.

LV Series timed silicone-free filters from Parker Zander

LV Series

Parker Zander assembles Microfilter LV Series Silicone-Free Filters in a silicone-free atmosphere and manufacturing area using only certified silicone-free components.

Microfilter high pressure compressed air and gas filters from Parker Zander


New production processes and applications in industry demand purified high pressure compressed air (i.e. PET bottling). The extension of the Microfilter range 362 to 6090 psi g now meets this demand for top-quality compressed air in critical, high-pressure applications.

ST-R Series air/gas filter cartridges from Parker Zander

ST-R Series

Parker Zander ST-R Series Air Sterilization Filter Cartridges utilize a borosilicate glass microfiber medium. This medium has proven to be particularly effective in the removal of sub-micron particles as small as 0.01 micron, ensuring the removal of all micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses.

WS Series water separators from Parker Zander

WS Series

Parker Zander WS Series Water Separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air.