Parker Zander Mist Eliminators

Ecomist mist eliminators from Parker Zander



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Model scfm Pipe Size Drain Connection Weight (Approx.) Replacement Element
lb kg
DH-EM125 125 2" NPT 1" NPT 292 132 K125MXL
DH-EM250 250 2" NPT 1" NPT 310 141 K250MXL
DH-EM500 500 2" NPT 1" NPT 352 160 K500MXL
DH-EM1000 1000 3" FLG 1" NPT 402 182 K1000MXL
DH-EM1200 1200 3" FLG 1" NPT 528 239 K1200MXL
DH-EM1500 1500 4" FLG 1" NPT 563 255 K1500MXL
DH-EM2000 2000 4" FLG 1" NPT 745 338 K2000MXL
DH-EM3000 3000 4" FLG 1" NPT 789 358 K3000MXL
DH-EM4500 4500 6" FLG 1" NPT 894 405 K4500MXL
DH-EM6000 6000 6" FLG 1" NPT 949 430 K6000MXL
DH-EM8000 8000 8" FLG 1" NPT 1220 553 K8000MXL
DH-EM10000 10000 10" FLG 1" NPT CF CF K10000MXL
DH-EM12000 12000 12" FLG 1" NPT CF CF K12000MXL

*Flow scfm @ 100 psi g (7 bar g) nominal
For flow rates at other pressures, apply the factor in Correction Factors to the flow rates in the Specifications table.

High Efficiency General Purpose Protection: For the removal of particles down to 1 micron including coalesced liquid water and oil, providing a maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.5ppm.

Technical Data

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Maximum Operating Temperature 200°F (93°C)
Maximum Operating Pressure 260 psi g (18 bar g)
Initial Differential Pressure 0.5 psi d (38.48 mbar)
Recommended Pressure Differential for Element Change 1.0 psi d (68.97 mbar)

Correction Factors

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Line Pressure (psi g) 20 30 40 60 80 100 120 150
Correction Factor 0.45 0.55 0.63 0.77 0.89 1.0 1.1 1.22


Compressed air processing equipment must have a very low pressure drop, long service life, and the strength to withstand the most arduous operating conditions. Protection from oil slugs or the failure of a compressor’s air/oil separator is essential.

Parker Zander’s range of ecomist Mist Eliminators is specifically designed to meet these demands and will optimize oil removal while ensuring extremely low pressure drop and long service life.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimum protection against catastrophic air/oil separator failure by containing large slugs of oil and condensate, up to 50% of compressor sump capacity, without re-entrainment.
  • Long service life of up to 10 years.
  • Ultra low 0.5 psi d.
  • Special machine pleated element construction.
  • Provides 9 - 10 times greater filtration surface area.
  • Eliminates migration of airflow to areas of least resistance, also known as "preferential flow".
  • Strong stainless steel support sleeve construction.
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion which can contaminate the system.
  • Integral support of the filter media to eliminate bypass of contaminants.
  • Tie-road construction for complete mechanical protection against compressor air/oil separator failure.
  • Built per ASME (U or UM Stamp accordingly).
  • Incremental differential pressure gauge supplied for field installation (standard).
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Package (optional).
  • Condensate Drain options available.


Drawing showing the dimensions of Ecomist mist eliminators from Parker Zander

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Model A B
in mm in mm
DH-EM125 20 517 43 1095
DH-EM250 20 517 49 1235
DH-EM500 17 438 63 1600
DH-EM1000 20 520 77 1949
DH-EM1200 26 654 71 1806
DH-EM1500 26 654 83 2105
DH-EM2000 29 730 79 1997
DH-EM3000 29 730 88 2225
DH-EM4500 30 775 85 2162
DH-EM6000 30 775 95 2416
DH-EM8000 35 883 105 2664

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