Condensate Management from Parker Zander

Condensate management from Parker Zander

When air is compressed, the water vapor in the air is forced out in the form of liquid condensate. If allowed to travel downstream, this condensate can cause damage to equipment or contaminate products that come in contact with the compressed air.

Compressed air dryers - refrigerated dryers, in particular - can remove this unwanted condensate to protect your downstream processes. The installation of condensate drains - either electronic, zero-loss types, float switch types, or timed solenoid types - allow you remove the condensate from your system in a controlled, efficient manner.

Much of the time, however, this condensate is polluted with oil from your compressor. Even the oil-less variety of compressor will concentrate the hydrocarbons in the surrounding air and pollute the water that condenses out of your compressed air. Due to environmental regulations, such water cannot be disposed of directly into your local sewer or septic system. It must first be cleaned of the hydrocarbons. Fortunately, Parker Zander offers the Ecosep separator for just such an application, allowing you to clean your condensate and dispose of it down the drain.

Ecodrain electronic zero loss condensate drains from Parker Zander


Parker Zander Ecodrain Zero Air Loss Electronic Condensate Drains detect and discharge condensate only when it is present. With no mechanical sensor parts and a sensing system that works with all types of compressed air condensate, including aggressive oil-free, the intelligent operation always ensures no loss of valuable compressed air.

Ecosep oil/water separators from Parker Zander


The simple, economical and environmental solution to condensate disposal is a Parker Zander ecosep Oil/Water Separator. ecosep Oil/Water Separators are installed as part of the condensate management system and simply reduce the oil concentration in the collected condensate.

HDF Series mechanical float drains from Parker Zander

HDF Series

The Parker Zander HDF Series Mechanical Float Drain has become a classic, with a highly effective design which has been field-proven in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide.

TSD Series timed solenoid drain valves from Parker Zander

TSD Series

The Parker Zander TSD Series Timed Solenoid Drain Valve is designed for the automatic drainage of filter bowls, separators, receivers and other components where compressed air condensate and contaminants collect.